the ratio of raw materials in order to prepare mass production

programming, general situation half computer equipment and full computer equipment basic program has set good, but encountered special spent type on needed again choreography program. 3: pattern sedan pattern sedan refers to will figure type manuscript through computer spent type code conversion for socks machine of recognition code of operation process, it including design town number–draws pattern–set yarn road–set control intelligence, steps, Pattern sedan and programming is close nike flyknit lunar 2 womens combines of. socks trial proofing, sewing head, stereotypes to ensure design products meet provides requirements and each stage can for smooth for, to better of control products, a orders in big goods production zhiqian on needs small of experiment, to master various of data. According to customer indicates pattern first established production models, needle number, socks size

including stretch process, products material, every collection way, II is established auxiliary requirements. in proofing process in the established good socks process, in the sample yarn color card, Socks, the ratio of raw materials in order to prepare mass production. during the proofing process involves sewing head, shaping and finishing processes,Stitched for better or worse, directly affect the appearance, socks is generally divided into the seam allowance and now computer sewing head in two nike free run ways.See Sox General man-sock colors reveal man’s character is there any way you can know a man? Whether you believe it or not, from what he’s wearing socks, you get to know a man’s heart. Sock color to reveal man’s character is there any way you can know a man? Whether you believe it or not, from what he’s wearing socks, you get to know a man’s heart. Croatia “fully

Portal” website on February 25, socks to reveal its owner’s heart, is a man dressed very important part. Just think, if the men left and right foot socks mismatched, might be able to make about “third party,” much to the imagination. Organization/lines/suit: spring Asia spinning, and taslan, and polyester taffeta, and Plaid, and twill is common of classic fabric, plain but enduring; using small Jacquard fabric to is note, must to let taste good of designer to selected, people differ from each other in, taste not representative mass of candidates of small Jacquard, is easy fall into threadbare, accidentally on became street side goods; reasonable planning using fabric of varieties, avoid which, otherwise as monkey into has corn to, novel of things can has, used to attract consumers eye, but to appropriate control proportions, His realm is simple. F. thickness: thin spring/summer and

coated blade number on the finished thickness of fabric also

fall/winter thick thin do not affect the adhesive effect, thicker clothes not too bulky; coated blade number on the finished thickness of fabric also has a lot of influence used thickness of fabric items served with each other. G. Elastic: in elbow back appropriate with points stretch fabric, can hour human workers learn of stunt, but if whole pieces clothes with stretch fabric, to see you can sold have up that price (production low technology difficult defects more price your), especially with ammonia  nike free run 5.0 running shoes LUN of fabric; mechanical play repeatedly wash Hou more easy collapsed; modulus don’t too small (affects fabric deformation of minimum power), otherwise pressure glue Shi easy up wrinkle; wash water temperature only limit in 40 degrees warm water following h. Color saturation: characterized by relatively fresh and, in contrast will shine at the feeling. Saturated with dye

and water hardness is close, dyes and auxiliaries of the CLARIANT performance is very good, for some first-line products prescribed, the Korea and Taiwan water quality contribute to the color saturation (legends of the industry). Color to draw customers into the store and buying influence is very great. If colour matching, pay attention to color used in colour nike free run 3 womens running shoes fastness to washing each other stick, polyester materials easy to stick to each other, bulk fabric factory must be washed before testing. 3, emergency clothing production process 1, type of coating, foil: finished fabric feels basically foil > wet coating > dry coating, recently reposted a coating technology is still unstable, wet coating more moderate, moderate price feel without environmental protection; 2.5L and 3L fabric currently to from plant, otherwise is easy out quality problem, and glue article to fabric factory is

responsible for match, due to extra of process led to film and glue article of fastness problem, 3L also to considered late, and in the, and surface 3 layer of wash water shrink rate problem led to fabric up wrinkle; waterproof breathable parameter must to specifies which species test method, and strictly test, besides, best also do aging test, domestic new out has many imitation of coating, repeatedly wash water Hou yellow of cracked, function full lost. 2, content: nylon than polyester tear and feel good, a good factory’s polyester fabrics great; recently began a leisure brand cotton table cloth waterproof and breathable windbreaker when a variety of ingredients, colour fastness to stick to each other. 3, yarn weight: yarn d the same number of cases, try to keep increasing the number of f, woven fabric feels softer, like the wire rope of the same thickness, thin steel wire inside of certain soft. 4,

design of spent type code conversion for socks machine of recognition

stockings with flower shirt is another bold approach, but same in glitter stockings will emphasize the tee line, Loeb o leg or legs of the ladies asked. MM introduced several of the most memorable fishnet stockings to match skills. * With long skirts can be like my fair Lady * served with skirts like delicate little lady * network socks with skirts, can choose to mix and match of this year’s most popular way to wear a brightly colored stockings and make a reflection, paired with a contrasting color of fishnet   air jordan 6 retro uk stockings, or the fishnet stockings with a pair of contrasting color overlap, some were hot. * With leather skirts (lederhosen) became a sexy Pussycat * cropped trousers and miniskirts, which is one of the most popular this summer, if matched with a suitable sandal, not only to show slender leg, gave the impression even more mature sexy. Wearing fishnet stockings also depends

on their legs too coarse, too short, don’t pick thick grid fishnet stockings, a pair of small cells, modified legs more easily that way. Would like to remind you that, if you think his bad leg, never for the beautiful and sexy fishnet stockings and go for it, and remember to exercise as a beautiful long legs until MM out. Socks pattern design and the program sedan air jordan 4 retro uk 1: pattern design: a double socks has different of style, has different of spent type color, this on requirements according to different needs for design, socks design of form belongs to plane design, using format for meaning Carpenter format, it using Plaid of has no reached composition overall pattern, current design has has computer by instead of, it of design program principle for: will computer design of spent type code conversion for socks machine of recognition code,By Jacquard needle selector blade control pin, and

achieve the purpose Jacquard, common flower arrangement are symmetrical, asymmetrical,II Party continuous, Quartet continuous. 4F,5F,6F,7F machine has what different, f is socks machine selected needle device of code, 4F is socks machine in the has 4 a selected needle machine, 5F is refers to socks machine in the has 5 a selected needle device followed by analogy, due to socks machine in the exists 4 only or 5 only of selected needle device, so in socks in the same ranks can prepared a dozen species color, note of is, same selected needle device in the cannot while prepared two species color. 2: programming a double socks has different of stage, as single needle Jacquard socks is divided into tied mouth, liluo mouth, Law Hau, Shang tube, Socks with, Xia tube, bridge, socks head, head line nine a stage, due to each stage are to instruction triangle, Blade for retreat, this on needs for

§ Shape not rules network socks distribution shirts small tips

can be less explicit. Now most of the fish net stockings with elastic yarn for knitting materials, excellent elasticity, tensile symmetry, uniform grid, which looks like wearing stockings, when it found that great article. § Shape not rules network socks distribution shirts small tips: except traditional single with dominant sense zhiwai, another a moves is first wear Shang a double bright of color stockings playing a background, again distribution Shang black fish network stockings, makes double leg  air jordan 3 retro uk Yu Visual Shang more explicit slender; or available two double compared color strongly of network socks mutual take, color enough eye-catching, wild beauty plus a copies FashionTaste. Wearing fishnet stockings also depends on their legs too coarse, too short, don’t pick wide fishnet stockings, a smaller grid of high density, easy to produce Visual confusion, legs look

slender one point. § Color stockings match shirts small tips: cautious move, is stocking colors to match outfits, at the very least require a color similar to like purple pantyhose and red or yellow dress is very compatible with additional body clothes color preferably not more than 5, shoes color is preferably similar to the tops or accessories. Wants to play air jordan 1 retro uk or flashes, can play with Contrast color Dafa, turquoise shirt hit the Red stockings match, unexpectedly, both very eye-catching color, combining such wonderful chemistry. Wear colored tights first of course a prerequisite: that is your calves to be thin enough, pretty enough! § Patterned stockings shirt small blending tips: patterned stockings can break the sense of serious suits, skirts or pleated skirts, so although the upper body worn orthodoxy, patterned stockings can make lively for the lower body. Printed patterned

stockings equipped with either a monochrome or a simple dress, both Trendy and personalities, but patterned stockings will make legs look fatter, if slightly plump legs, would do well to wear. § High tube stockings distribution shirts small tips: double leg enough pretty, with stockings easy is and short and rough, will caused figure and fertilizer and short of illusion, so feet rough who only has can try try three bone stockings distribution and the knee three bone pants, net dew four bone stockings, to go Cutie route, certainly to wear pine body of doll skirt; go type female route is should be wear super short Mini Skirt, Xia wear pointed short Boots or heels. § Flash amphibole stockings match shirt small tips: Gold or silver glitter stockings can be worn with evening wear, gives a sense of mysterious jewel. If the street wear in the streets dressed bump Flash

This process more in a premium of triple laminated plastic

finishing: sanding table cloth stained with dust (especially black); chemical’s natural oils are low, dull finish; Chevron might affect the decorative plastic stretch, should be tested in advance; stereotypes inadequate impact table cloth washing shrinkage. How to pick a hardshellCharge underwear purchase note matters charge underwear and General clothing different of at on is it is that waterproof and breathable of function sex clothing, so in design Shi also has many different of at, purchase  nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk Shi needs note so several details: each pieces charge underwear to do completely waterproof, in all of line sewing at on must with hot glue article to prevent needle at leaking, carefully see clothes inside of pressure glue article whether flat, and has no sparkling. This is very important for clothing waterproof performance. Now there are many hardshell in two or several adhesive junction

will add a dot of glue to prevent tape head up after long time use. This process more in a premium of triple laminated plastic hardshell. Hardshell main zipper waterproof zipper, placket or used to prevent rain penetration. If it is a normal zipper and placket, note whether the placket at back hem, this design allows the infiltration of rainwater down back  nike mid blazer womens into the fold without zipper inside. Hats are able to shelter, put on his head after the activity with ease. If Yu Panbing, mountain climbing and other activities, but wearing a helmet after the activity. Assault suit cuffs tightening parts is appropriate, that when it comes to wearing thick gloves activities in the snow and rain. Charge whether windproof garment hem or waist skirt, if not whether windproof skirts had DrawString clothes can be tied to prevent hostile environments in snow from the bottom into my body. Assault

suit underarm ventilation zipper. This design is not all the EU clothing will have, but the exercise was very useful in harsh environments. How to choose EU clothingCharge sharing, genuine clothing buying guide? Fake? References to “the genuine article” refers only to approved stores, dealers or retailers by manufacturers such as channel sales product, can enjoy after-sales service provided by the manufacturer. Products purchased through other unofficial channels, in this article referred to as “fake”. International brand of professional quality,Guaranteed service, is that the price is too high for most people. Purchasing these products is the only way the brand stores. If you intend to invest more than 30,000 on outdoor gear, or be prepared to climb the snow-capped mountains (except for the girl) for purchase of such products. Non-professional international brand of high

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